Aske Thiberg



Blue Jacket


12:39 min

Cigarette stone head, Cream horn Cap, Football head, Glove arms, Hoodie broccoli dish & Glazed shoe roll

Six virtual sculptures for a group exhibition named DE_CANTINA.

Exhibition description:
The exhibition DE_CANTINA is located in the computer game COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE on a server named "DE_CANTINA_OFFICIAL".
The concrete architecture and surroundings of the exhibition space Cantina have been recreated as a playable 3D map named DE_CANTINA in the popular e-sports COUNTER STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE. DE_CANTINA functions as an exhibition space while being played like any other CS:GO MAP with conditions dictated by the rules of COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE.




08:16 min

Each Day

Each Day is a video-installation depicting our planet as a cluster of forgotten machines, broken lenses and uninhabited spaces. The first room is fairly empty, there's a fuse box in the corner with a small red light attached to the back, slowly turning on and off, and on the floor, a stereo playing the same four minute track once every ten minutes. Whenever the music is playing it seeps into the second room, where a 17 minute long video is looping, showing surveillance camera footage from all over the world: Curtains blowing in the wind in an office space in India, a computer on standby in a cellar in Canada and a broken light flickering on a bridge in Poland…

Music: “Afterall” by 7038634357

WSif, Caesium, exeleven & Oildrum

Four bedrooms reconstructed in 3D, using pictures and conversations in a chatroom online for youth who have isolated themselves from society by stying inside. Each work/room is named after the user it belongs to.